We Are...

Hongbog Co., Ltd. is a total solution provider of eye-based solutions from iris recognition, IoT platform 

to AI healthcare solutions based on our patent-registered proprietary software and hardware

Hongbog strives to make the world
safer and healthier through the eye.

Based on proprietary software and hardware, we provide a comprehensive array of products and platform starting from the iris recognition security solution, IoT solution to eye-based AI healthcare solution to allow our customers to live safer, healthier, and more convenient lives.

With our goal of “Making the world safer and healthier through the eye”, we bring our best ability to bring our solution to people’s everyday life and build our strength in developing an eye-based platform that can be used by everyone by breaking down existing technical barriers in terms of platform size, ease of use, accuracy, and speed.



We want our product to be 

the passage of interaction,

 where people all over the world can unite.


We strive to provide our customers 

with solutions that span their daily lives, 

from authentication to healthcare.


We envision our company to be 

the leader of iris recognition, IoT, 

and healthcare market.


Iris-based Healthcare

Big data-based Healthcare Solution
AI-based Diagnostic Solution

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition SW & HW for 1:1 Recognition

Iris recognition SW & HW for 1:N Identification

IoT Solution

IoT Device

IoT Platform Service


Emerged as a global

iris recognition company

2012.03           /          Establishment of Hongbog Co., Ltd.

2012.04           /          Signed NDA with Samsung Fiber Optics

2012.05           /          Signed Strategic Alliance with JIRIS USA(US DoD Iris Recognition Product Supplier)

2013.04           /          Signed Supply Contract of Android-based Web camera type Iris Recognition 

                                   camera and SW with TERRASEM

2015.08           /          Signed NDA with Samsung Electronics
2015.09           /          Signed Supply Contract of Iris Recognition Time&Attendance system with 

                                   Korean Association of Regional Public Hospitals

Emerged as a global healthcare company

2017.07           /          Selected as Startup Accelerating Package conducted by ENSL Partners with 

                                   Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development

2017.12           /          Selected for Accelerator Investment-Driven TIPS(Tech Incubator Program for Startup)

2018.01           /          Signed Distribution agreement with Wutech in China

2018.02           /          Registered as Venture Company

Emerged as a global 

AI company

2018.03           /          Certified as an Industrial R&D Center by the Ministry of Science and ICT

2018.11           /          Signed NDA with DEWA(Dubai Electricity and Water Authority)

2018.12           /          Signed MOU with Busan University Hospital

2019.04           /          Signed NDA with Huawei Germany