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CEO of HONGBOG  Jong Namgoong
Jong Namgoong is both CEO and CTO of HONGBOG. He is responsible for the development of Hongbog’s proprietary hardware and software.

Mr.Namgoong has more than 25years of experience in engineering development and its management in the field of network security and iris biometrics. He holds several patents and is being regarded as a leading expert in iris biometrics.

The network firewall system developed in SENEX, a KOSDAQ-registered company founded by Mr.Namgoong is still widely installed in many banks and financial institutions.

Mr.Namgoong is also a president and a chief system architect of JIRIS USA Inc., which is a sister company of Hongbog and has experience in supplying USA Department of Defence with its iris recognition technology.

His proprietary iris biometrics solution passed a two-and-a-half-year test conducted by the USA DoD on people of all races. Now, it is used as a portable biometrics device in military units to apprehend terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.