Revolutionized with on-device AI technology
Eye image-based Digital Wellness Care 

With the widespread use of smartphones and the instant food, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes are rapidly on the rise. 

Global interest in wellness care has reached an unprecedented level in response to this trend, and the quality of care has become more important than ever.

HONGBOG's eye image-based digital wellness care, equipped with an on-device AI technology, provides unparalleled convenience

and medical diagnostic capabilities to individuals worldwide.

What is Iridology ?

Iridology is a science that allows us to see the reflection of various organs and retards in the body through the signs and signals within the iris based on the analysis of most complex fibrin structure, the iris. It is useful in determining the health status of organs, the accumulation and degree of waste or toxins, and the constitution of the body. Through this study, we are able to distinguish the individual's health level and response according to treatment, the human skeletal system, and the progress and recovery of the disease.

Iris and Neurophysiology

In the iris, there are sphincter and dilator, which retract and unfold the pupil located in the center of the iris. They enlarge and reduce the pupil according to light or focus, emotion, etc. by the sympathetic nerves and the parasympathetic nerve. Because iris is composed of nerve fibers and blood vessels and is connected to the cerebrum through the nerves, the information generated by the chemical and physical changes in each organ of the body is transferred to motor nerves and changes the shape of the fibrous tissue. As iris is exposed to the outside, the changes can be easily seen.

Diseases Diagnosable by Iridology


Breast cancer, Liver cancer,

Lung cancer, Colorectal cancer,

Brain tumor


Spondylitis, Arthritis, Enteritis

Mental Illness

Depression, psychiatric disorder, Brain dysfunction, Stroke

Intestinal Disease

Chronic Colitis, 

Irritable Bowel syndrome, 

Excess acid in the stomach

Other Diseases

Anemia, Stress, High blood Pressure, Hardening of the arteries,

Nutritional deficiency, Hyperlipidemia, Fat liver, Allergy, Addiction, Cataract, Heart Disease

Biomarker of Diseases
Heart, Gall, Liver, Breast Disease
Liver, Spleen, Spine Disease

Addiction, Degradation of Liver's Detoxification Function

Discarded Lung Function, Epilepsy, Skin Disease

Hongbog’s Eye Image-based Digital Wellness Care Solution

Eye O’Clock_W – For Healthcare

Provides analysis of current health condition and suggestion on

eating and exercising habit by clicking the corresponding images 

that match the real-time captured eye image

Eye O’Clock_D – For Medical Diagnosis

Provides AI-based medical diagnosis by analyzing the iris patterns 

which correlates with primary symptoms and symptoms of the disease 

and connect to telemedicine.

Hongbog’s Eye Image-based Digital Wellness Care Technology

Accumulated Big data on clinical cases of 

eyes of patients with diseases

Iris pattern recognition technology 

developed over 17 years

Development of camera specifically designed for accurate iris-based healthcare, which is different from the conventional cameras specialized 

for taking pictures of people and landscapes

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