Eye O’Clock_W
Eye-based AI Wellness Care Solution

A wellness care solution which provides analysis of current health condition 

and suggests eating and exercising habit by analyzing the real-time captured eye image 

via artificial intelligence based on Iridology

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Kiosk Type

Tablet PC Type

Provide Overall Iris Analysis Result

Provide analysis of current condition of 

brain, lung, liver, kidney

Provide eating and exercising suggestion 

Provide stress and cholesterol level

Screen Composition Guide

Enter Basic Information

Capture Iris Image

Provide Analysis Result

01. Non-Invasive

Allows users to get healthcare just by 

taking a picture of the eye, 

thereby eliminating customer’s 

mental anxiety and hygienic issues

02. Preventative

Allows users to prevent chronic diseases and take care of  their health on a daily basis before visiting hospitals, and can also be used for non-face-to-face health monitoring

03. AI-based Analysis 

Provide an objective analysis of health condition by analyzing the iris patterns via artificial intelligence which has been trained based on the Iridology unlike previous Iridology practices which depends on the subjective view of the practitioner 


Insurance Companies

Data-based Insurance Service

Provide Healthcare Service for Registered Customers

Distribution Companies

Attract New Customers

Promote Healthcare Supplements and Foods

Corporations and Factories

Provide Welfare to Employees

Promote Company and Products to Visitors

Public Institutions

Provide Welfare to Employees and Local Residents

 Promote Local Companies and Local Products

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