IoT Solution

IoT(Internet of Things) has become a part of our life which cannot be separated. It is estimated that all the products will be controlled through IoT.

HONGBOG makes the users’ home and office more convenient and smart, also allows them to protect their privacy and personal information on their own

by connecting smartphones to our proprietary IoT device and platform.

IoT Device Control Process

1. Connect user’s smartphone with the IoT device at user’s home 

    through the WiFi router at user’s home.

2. Open the Hongbog IoT APP on the smartphone.

3. Authenticate the user through password or iris authentication. 

4. Control IoT devices at the user’s home through the user’s smartphone.

Big-data Analysis and IoT Platform Service

Through Hongbog’s IoT Platform, we store the users’ usage pattern in our secure server. 

We analyze these accumulated big data and automate the object to operate according to the users’  usage pattern to increase the convenience of the users.

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