Iris Recognition

HONGBOG provides the highest level of security through access control solutions and cloud service security solutions

made with self-developed iris recognition technology. Iris code hashing encryption technology is applied to blockchain technology 
to provide safe and transparent health management services for personal health data and health history tracking data.

Iris Enrollment Process
Iris Recognition Process
Advantages of Iris Authentication


The camera is used to capture the iris image, and the system does not require 

any physical contact to the equipment. This eliminates any hygienic concerns of the users.


As a protected internal organ, the iris is not subject to physical wear-out or injuries. This outperforms the fingerprint scanning which does not work 

for people with certain occupations.

Fast Speed

An individual’s iris patterns can be registered or identified by simply standing in front of the identification device. The required time for authentication is about one second.


Since the iris pattern is more complex and random than other biometrics patterns, it offers a highly precise method for authentication with very low

False Acceptance Rate(FAR) and False Rejection Rate(FRR).

Differentiation of Hongbog’s Iris Recognition Technology

Smallest Mobile Lens and SMD Infra-Red LED 

for Iris recognition

Smallest M3.5 Mobile Iris Recognition Lens

- Front Side (2MP: One Iris)

- 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3(Thick) mm

- Can be embedded into OTP card, smartWatch, smartPhone

SMD Infra-Red LED for Iris recognition

- 250 ~ 300 mm Distance for iris capture

- Compliant with IEC 62471 Eye Safety

Dual Band Pass Filter

- Transmit both visible light and near-infrared bands

- Face color video image for color face recognition and grey iris image 

   for iris recognition with one camera image sensor (Not auto filter changer)

Ease of Use and Fast Authentication Speed

Capture a good quality Iris image even with eyeglasses (Auto capturing)

Authentication is done in 30cm to 35cm distance from the device

Iris recognition only within 1 second

- Optimized Iris Recognition software which can process at the same

   processing speed as PC

- Assure 100% Iris recognition unlike competitors who use face and 

   eye image recognition combined solution

- Compensation regardless of lux, angle, essential tremor

   (Reduce image processing load)

Offer both 1:1(Verification) and 1:N(Identification) Solution



* FIDO(Fast Identity Online) : New authentication system which uses fingerprint, iris, face, voice, and vein instead of the combination of ID and password

* UAF(Universal Authentication Framework) : An authentication technology in which the authentication method provided by the user’s device is integrated 

   with  the online service for authentication.

- Provide a secure mobile payment solution for FinTech and IoT


- Multiple iris matching engine

- Non FIDO

- Provide an authentication solution for Access Control, Time Attendance, PC Security (Log-On, Screen saver)

- BioAPI V2.0(CBEFF International standard compliant)

Support a multiple operation system for an authentication platform(Android, Windows, Linux, iOS)

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