01. Convenient Non-contact Iris Recognition 

Perform iris recognition without any direct contact unlike the fingerprint recognition,  and can be performed even when wearing protective gear such as a mask or a goggle and glasses or a non-color contact lens 

02. Easy Time & Attendance Management

Manage the time & attendance and the salary of employees via automatic recording of the name, the time of authentication and work time, and spreadsheet download function 

03. Health Management

Reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases by checking the existence of stress and the retained period through analysis of stress ring pattern in the iris 

04. Proven Technology 

Protect the classified information and restricted areas with USA DoD-verified 

Iris recognition technology which can 

capture a high-quality iris image 

regardless of the color of the eye 

05. ISO Compliant

Offer international compatibility and safety 

by complying with ISO 19794-6, 

the international standard of iris recognition 




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